Personal Injury, Case Evaluation, Negligence, Liability


Personal Injury Overview

Accidents resulting in personal injury are regrettably an increasingly common occurrence. You have already begun the process of safeguarding your rights and protecting yourself by obtaining additional information. These great law partners are committed lawyers to help you maximise your compensation.

Congratulations on being a pro-active person taking control of your future.

Your Case Evaluation

To determine whether you have a claim, staff considers whether another person's conduct wrongfully caused your loss. There are three different kinds of wrongful conduct. They are:

· Negligence

· Intentional Misconduct

· Strict Liability

Most frequently, the Negligence of someone is the cause of an accident resulting in harm and forms the basis for financial recovery.

For instance, if a motorist fails to stop in time and crashes into another vehicle OR disregards a traffic signal and causes an accident s/he may be held liable.

Liability can also arise due to medical mishaps, such as a doctor failing to treat a patient according to accepted procedures. Thankfully this is will not always occur.

Most doctors, nurses and medical professionals must undergo strict training in order to qualify.

Awards for intentional misconduct could be due to you if another person has purposely hurt you or intentionally damaged your property.

Intentional misconduct in any form that results in bodily injuries or even injuries to your character or reputation may be grounds for recovery of damages.

Strict Liability occurs if and individual or company has exposed you to anything considered to be dangerous or hazardous. Aggressive animals, poorly designed products, or they might have created unsafe, harmful or dangerous conditions or products.