Auto Accidents


Car Accident Overview

Accidents resulting in personal injury are regrettably an increasingly common occurrence. You have already begun the process of safeguarding your rights and protecting yourself by obtaining additional information. Congratulations on being a pro-active person taking control of your future.

Look for information below that pertains to your specific circumstance. The easiest and quickest way for you to get a handle on your accident case is by having auto injury lawyers listen to your situation, to get better understanding of your specific details.

Your Case Evaluation

To determine whether you have a claim, auto injury lawyers consider whether another person's conduct wrongfully caused your loss. There are three different kinds of wrongful conduct. They are:

Most frequently, the Negligence of someone is the cause of an accident resulting in harm and forms the basis for financial recovery.

For instance, if a motorist fails to stop in time and crashes into another vehicle OR disregards a traffic signal and causes an accident s/he may be held liable.

Liability can also arise due to auto dealership neglect,

such as a mechanic failing to repair a vital part or safty system according to accepted procedures.

Awards for intentional misconduct could be due to you if another person has purposely hurt you or intentionally damaged your vehicle.

Intentional misconduct in any form that results in bodily injuries or even injuries to your character or reputation may be grounds for recovery of damages.

Strict Liability occurs if and individual or company, such as a car maker, has exposed you to anything considered to be dangerous or hazardous. For instance, poorly designed products, that might have created unsafe, harmful or dangerous conditions.

How Much Compensation Can You Expect?

It's difficult to say, because every case is different. There are however formulas that may be used as a rule of thumb. This is why it is important for you to speak with a lawyer in order to determine a range of equitable compensation.

You may be entitled to compensation for a variety of different reasons.

For instance:

and many more!

Locating Deep Pockets

Let's face it. Lawsuits are expensive, time consuming and require a tremendous amount of effort and are not generally worthwhile pursuing if the parties responsible for the injury are broke.

That's a little blunt, but it's the truth.

Other avenues for legal action

For instance, insurance companies that underwrite the property where the incident occurred. It will help if your vehicle is covered by insurance and its advisable to investigate the best insurance and what your policy covers.  Information like that can be found at places like QuoteZone Van Insurance Comparison - Over 30 Companies to Compare. Employers of persons that may have injured you during the course of performing their job. The manufacturer of materials or parts that went into the defective product that caused the injury.

Lawyers are trained to look hard and deep before conceding, or reluctantly informing you that you may not have a case.

A no cost, in depth, consultation may be the best move you can make right now.

Is It Necessary To File A Lawsuit?

Maybe not! lawyers are able to reach a fair and equitable settlement for you even before a lawsuit is filed. Your claim for damages may also be settled after the suit is filed and prior to going to trial.

In the event a lawsuit is the necessary alternative, lawyers will expertly prepare all of the documentation, and file your claim with the appropriate court.

Next they will gather and compile all available evidence required to prove the validity of your case. This is called the "discovery phase." During this phase your attorney and the members of the firm will conduct depositions of witnesses and exchange written information commonly known as interrogatories.

This is also known as the "Pre-Trial Phase" of the case. Many claims are resolved during this period, which can take several months to several years depending on the type of case.

Complex cases naturally take additional time to disseminate all of the facts.

Once the pretrial discovery phase is complete your accident case will be scheduled for trial. There could either be a jury trial or a judge can decide your case if all parties are in agreement.

What Evidence Will I Need To Provide?

The short answer is, What ever evidence you have and all that you can think of. When you have incurred an injury it is important that you write down everything you can think of relating to the accident and your injury.

Here's the short list of essentials:



Phone Numbers

& of anyone involved in the accident AND any and all witnesses if there were any.

Doctors Information

Hospital Records

Photos Of Your Injury

Photos Of Your Property Damage& Auto & Real Property

Take good notes, date them and have them witnessed.

Start a Journal if you can and record everything.

Keep A Record Of Your Expenses and lost wages.

Trials are won and lost by the quality of evidence you are able to present.

Take good care of your evidence. Be sure to keep it in a safe place or turn it over to your attorney for safekeeping.!